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Hi, hello, I’m Ann! I describe myself as a loud and proud sarcastic weirdo who is here to have fun and hype you up while making you look and feel your best! My passion to have everyone feel welcome and beautiful in my chair spans across a diverse clientele.
My clients are fun-loving, easy going, and are here for all the weird noises and faces I make to keep my ADD in check. Seeing your face light up when you get a glimpse of your makeup and photos truly brings me so much joy.


I am a professional photographer and makeup artist with a long lasting soft glam style who loves to accentuate your beauty and capture your essence with my unique artistic touch. I want to ignite the confidence of owning the beauty you already possess and then put it on blast for all to see!

As a graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging, I describe my photography as clean and inviting.

I worked for MAC cosmetics for 7 years as a makeup artist and management, and now with over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry I also currently teach at VAMP in Orlando, FL as the Beauty Professional Instructor. 

Extra fun facts: I'm obsessed with my fur-children (2 French Bulldogs), I love watching all the true crime shows, I enjoy cooking and trying to keep my plants alive.



"I’ve worked with Ann as both a model and hired her for my business. Her attention to detail and ability to capture the energy of a space or person is unlike any other photographer I’ve met. She can make anyone feel comfortable in their own skin and photograph that moment. Commercial photo can often feel cold and inhuman. But Ann has always been able to expose the nuance of a space and portray it in a way that is authentic and perfectly curated to entice an audience or future patron. I love working with her and the more creative liberty she has the more beautiful her work is." 

Celina Suarez, photo + makeup client

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